Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Little Girl Who Saw A Ghost

A friend and coworker told me a story today that sent shivers down my spine.   She was driving through downtown Decatur with her daughter one day last week when her daughter said something more than a little odd.  The little girl is only five years old and was looking out the window at The Old State Bank when she asked, "Mommy, why was that lady in the black dress murdered?"

Of course, my friend asked the little girl what she was talking about.   The little girl responded by asking, "Can we quit talking about this now?"  My friend was disturbed by this little discussion but just kept on driving.  After this she did some research on Decatur to find out its haunted history.   According to the Alabama Paranormal Association, The Old State Bank is one of the most haunted places in Alabama.  According to them, the two most commonly seen ghosts at the Old State Bank are a weeping lady and a lady in black. 

My friend didn't know any of this when her daughter asked about the murdered woman in black.  She just knew it was creepy, but it is even more chilling knowing that her daughter saw a woman in black at the exact location of a place famously haunted by a woman in black.  Apparently the little girl did more than see the woman in black, she heard her as well.  She heard her well enough to know that she had been murdered.