Friday, January 30, 2015

A Banshee in the Night

Some of the best ghost stories are the kind of stories you hear around campfires and before bed at night. They aren’t linked to a haunted place with a history that is confirmed or well researched. They are just stories told by people that have had encounters on lonely country roads or in bed at night. One of the best ghost stories I have been told recently was told by a woman whose husband comes home late at night. Every night he drives the same old country road home alone. A few weeks ago, he was driving home with three of his children in the back of the car. He was tired and so were they, but when they saw something that looked like a woman crouched over on the side of the road they slowed down to try to help her. When they pulled up next the woman they could see her more clearly. The woman was crouched down in the fetal position and was all skin and bones and completely nude. This made the family very concerned that she might have been hurt or injured. The teenage son opened the door and the woman turned. At this point, he slammed the door shut. The woman’s face was not human. It was humanish but was twisted and distorted and she opened her mouth into a terrifying wail. The family sped away as quickly as they could. Upon arrival at home, the woman’s daughter ran to her crying. The family relayed the story to her tearfully. They were clearly very scared, but the woman couldn’t entirely believe it. She thought that maybe shadows and fatigue had played tricks on them. She was worried that an injured woman might have been left on the road so she got in her truck and went looking for her. She drove up and down the road for a while until she saw the figure. She didn’t slow down, the very sight of the hunched over, skeletal form sent a chill down her spine that she could feel in her very soul. The thing was clearly not human. She sped away and held her family close. They haven’t seen the creature they now call the banshee again, but they always look and they never forget that lonely night.

Monday, January 19, 2015

The White Cat and The Ouijia Board

I haven't written in a while.  I was promoted at my day job in November and supervising a team of therapists has proven to be much harder than just being a therapist.  Working ten hours a day is more haunting than any ghost and living people's emotional problems are far more consuming than any phantom tragedy I know. I have missed writing here and when I heard this story I knew it was time to pull myself away from life and write a story.  It is also my goal to have at least one story a week on this blog from now on.

This story was brought to me by a gentleman who read my commentary on Ouijia Boards.  He read my story and told me about a night that he decided to be a little wild and try to summon the dead.  He and a group of friends thought that it was a brilliant idea to take the Ouijia Board to a cemetery at midnight because they believed they would be able to contact more spirits this way.  Of course, what they didn't know was that trouble can come from summoning spirits in such an open place.  According to Voodoo and Hoodoo folklore, going to a cemetery at midnight without salt for protection can lead to trouble. 

The young men were a little drunk and set about attempting to contact the spirits.  When they first put their hands on the planchette, a white cat leapt onto the board.  The young men shoed the cat away.  They were a bit perturbed about the incident but they kept going and the cat jumped on them again.  They threw the cat away a second time.  After the third time the cat jumped on them, they gave up and went home.  It was only later that it occurred to this man that the cat might have had some meaning.  Reasearch into Chinese and Egyptian folklore shows that cats are said to drive away evil spirits.   The man researched the event and after learning the significance of the cat now believes the cat was protecting him from the dark spirits that were summoned by his nocturnal wanderings.